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Structural Health Monitoring System of Construction (SHM) includes a system of sensor types that collects project responses due to real-time load types, data are stored and processed into information of current health performance of the structure to serve for structural control over the period time of the construction, maintenance and repair strategy of the project to meet the ability to safely use the project. according to design life.

For bridge projects thesedays, monitoring with high reliability is extremely important. In addition to the main targets of controlling the construction process as well as detecting damage or decreasing the quality in the mining process, bridge monitoring also provides quantitative data for bridges and data can be used for research and improvement of construction designs and methods. During the extraction phase, monitoring data is used to assess the level of development of deterioration, degradation, assessment of structural capacity, ability to behave in incidents or unusual behavior of structure, construction of maintenance, repair and maintenance plans to ensure normal operation and operation of the project.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is a large-span hammock bridge with a structure of super-high level, large deformation, wide sphere (B = 18.0m) with steel box girders, 80m-high bridge tower from the top. It is very important to monitor the values of oscillation, stress, deformation, temperature in parts of the structure to monitor the behavior of the structure in the mining process.

In addition, the measurement and assessment of the health of the bridge can be done through periodic assessment. However, this requires a mobilization of large labour, time-consumption  and sometimes requires the suspension of traffic on the bridge to carry out loading, measuring, not including the dangerous nature of this work for human resources who participate. In addition, periodic audits can record transient phenomena at the time of the audit, which cannot cover the entire operation of the bridge under many other conditions. On the other hand, some dangerous phenomena, which occur only under certain combinations of practical conditions, such as the phenomenon of cable stay due to wind and rain combined, those conditions cannot be created due to people to serve accreditation work. Therefore, the construction of an automatic monitoring system, at the same time monitoring many parameters and operating continuously, can collect important data. Thus, the monitoring and evaluation of the working ability of the bridge can be comprehensive as well as it is possible to recognize abnormalities in the structure soon to take appropriate measures in time, avoid unfortunate consequences. The auditor evaluates the periodic demand so that there is a source of data for reference and supplementation of assessment results.

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